Untapped Staff Picks: Why Queens Is Actually the Best Borough, France’s New Workday Policy Will Make You Want to Move There http://ift.tt/1gj5JKj 1 week ago / 1 notes
The Art of Style by Kit Mills 046: Polka Dots Spotted Through a Crowd, in Gramercy http://ift.tt/1est1PF 1 week ago / 1 notes
We are in the Brooklyn Museum in awe seeing Swoon’s 60ft Art installation. #swoonstreetart #activism #untappedcities #art #streetart #brooklynmuseum #submergedmotherlands http://ift.tt/1hGMO8r 1 week ago / 1 notes
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Warhol’s New York State Pavilion Censored Piece “13 Most Wanted Men” Returns to Queens http://ift.tt/1edz2Py 1 week ago / 4 notes
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