Untapped Staff Picks: Rizzoli’s to Reopen in NoMad, Picasso Tapestry from Four Seasons Moves http://ift.tt/1q8GAIB 1 week ago / 2 notes
Fun Maps: The Paris Metro Burger Fat Map Shows Us The Best Burger Joints Near The Paris Metro http://ift.tt/Wzw8wk 1 week ago / 1 notes
We’re examining the original Commissioners Plan for #NYC at the Library of Congress today! http://ift.tt/1s42koe 1 week ago / 27 notes
9/11 Tiles for America Now On Display at Jefferson Market Library in NYC’s Greenwich Village http://ift.tt/1tmB968 1 week ago / 1 notes
Your Week Untapped: Top 10 NYC Events Sept 8th – Sept 14th, 2014 http://ift.tt/1tm4qxQ 1 week ago / 3 notes
NYC That Never Was: Alternate Plans for Times Square from 1984-MAS Competition http://ift.tt/1tlL8Zy 1 week ago / 12 notes
The Best of the Untapped Cities Photo Pool: Waterfronts of All Kinds http://ift.tt/WpRqMP 1 week ago / 19 notes
We’re in #DC Navy Yards at @5x5Project! #5x5Project http://ift.tt/1rjSZVn 1 week ago / 4 notes
Untapped Staff Picks: Guggenheim Floating Museum, Express Starbucks in NYC http://ift.tt/WmCNd7 1 week ago / 6 notes
We enjoyed a calm day in Flushing at the beautifully kept Queens Botanical Garden! http://ift.tt/Wmz3s7 1 week ago / 3 notes
Inside Brooklyn’s Former Pfizer Plant and Its Transformation into Manufacturing Hub http://ift.tt/1t9HfGV 1 week ago / 1 notes
Fun Maps: Someone Knitted a 14 Foot Map of Manhattan http://untappedcities.com/2014/09/05/fun-maps-someone-knitted-a-14-foot-map-of-manhattan/ 1 week ago / 22 notes
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